It’s the most wonderful time of year. We aren’t talking about Christmas. It’s wine tasting season. And we are learning more about the proper etiquette for when you head to one of British Columbia’s fantastic wineries.

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Some wineries will have a more social walk-around layout, if that makes sense, and then on the other hand you might have a more formal seated tasting. In any event, you want to be sure that your attitude and dress code reflect the atmosphere. 

You should also research the venue as a lot of them (have) such well-rated restaurants, so I always recommend you do your research and make reservations beforehand and plan to have a few lunch stops or dinner stops along your way.

And when it comes to actually drinking the wine? You should always hold your glass by the stem!
The reason for that is because the warmth of your hand can actually affect the temperature of the wines.

If you are planning on buying wine, it’s fine to ask to have an extra taste.

You might already be talking to the sommelier about looking for a certain type of white or a red, and so, to ask to taste something again is completely appropriate.